History Of East End Telecom

East End Telecom has been providing the island's highest quality telecommunication applications since 1968, when the company was spun off from the Young, Trott and Company Limited. The newly formed, Telecommunications Networks Limited ("Telecom") was ably managed by Derek G. Taylor until 1982 when, due to local regulations, he was forced to reduce his ownership. He sold the entire company to P.M. Limited, controlled and operated by Charles Marshall. In 1984, East End Telecom formed a central monitoring business called Security & Communications Systems Bermuda Limited. This business line was later sold to Purvis Limited in 1990, after which we became focused solely on wireless technologies. In November of 2002, East End Telecom sold all its assets related to the GSM cellular business to AT&T Wireless. In October 2007, the company was acquired from P.M. Limited by its current owners, East End Group Limited.

Through the years EET have enjoyed close relationships with many of the world's leading companies, such as Motorola, Vodaphone, AT&T Wireless, Radio Shack, Proxim, Stratex and now HYTERA. Our services are used by many of Bermuda's top companies and we provide world class telecommunications solutions to the Bermuda public safety agencies, the Bermuda Government, construction companies and many other varied and diverse commercial clients. EET was the first in Bermuda to deploy international Skypaging, email to paging gateways, GPS vehicle tracking, trunked two-way radio and GSM cellular. Today, the company focuses on its core radio, paging, GPS and wireless data products which are the most economical and efficient on the island. We also service and provide manufacturer's warranties on most of our products.

EET continues to explore new wireless technologies that will greatly improve how business is done in Bermuda.