GPS Vehicle Tracking

Could your company use help in improving efficiency, accountability and timekeeping? East End Telecom Ltd. can assist you toward this goal by providing a GPS Tracking System for your company vehicles.


What Is GPS Vehicle Tracking and How Does It Work?

Vehicle tracking (Telematics) allows a company to keep monitor the location of their corporate assets. The installed unobtrusively onboard, these units monitor the location and status of a variety of aspects of the vehicle. This information is then communicated to and stored, in “real time”, on Telecom’s GPS Tracking Server (located in a secure central location). The system maintains a full history of the vehicles movements, activities and speeds etc. and this data can then be recalled in the form of reports or displayed on the map screen as a “trail of breadcrumbs” so the movements can be visualized.

The customer can log onto this server via a web browser* using their unique ID. All of the company’s assets can be seen on one screen (to give a global view of the fleet) or zoomed into a particular vehicle.   *Internet Explorer Not Recommended


What Are The Benefits?

  • You know where your vehicles are at any time of the day or night
  • Speed up your customer response by sending the nearest service vehicle
  • Assist with employee time-keeping (filling in time-sheets etc.)
  • Remotely keep track of vehicle mileage for maintenance purposes
  • Features such as Geo-fencing, Driver Identification and Load Security can be added to the system to further enhance efficiency and accountability
  • Assist with traffic incident report
  • Assist with developing better driving habits with employees
  • “Good Driving” program within company could provide opportunity to negotiate lower insurance premiums


What Features Are Available?

Too numerous to list all of the features that are available with but they include:

  • Route taken both in graphic and text format on a high detail color map
  • Location of the journey start, finish and all stops made
  • Users can add customer locations to increase efficiency 
  • Millage travelled between stops
  • Time spent at each stop
  • Total Mileage Travelled
  • Total Hours Operated
  • Maximum and Average Speeds
  • Geo-fencing, Speeding Indication and Out of Hours Usage Tracking


Who Are East End Telecom?

East End Telecom serves a number of Bermuda Companies and Corporations with Asset Tracking Solutions. With over 15years experience providing GPS solutions.


What Is The Next Step?

To discuss your vehicle tracking requirements call our experienced team on 293-0550 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. At Telecom we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.