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At East End Telecom our first priority is your satisfaction. We have long history of distinguished customer service and we will strive to continue. If you have any questions about our range of products or any general inquiries, this is the place to be. Consult the FAQ pages, or if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us directly at 293-0550

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What frequencies do Telecom Pagers operate on? 

A. The frequency we operate on 454.075 (UHF).

Q. I want to switch off my pager. What do I need to do?

A. Sorry, but Telecom will not deactivate pagers over the phone, the request must be made in writing. E-Mail, signed letter, or fax are also acceptable methods. Alternatively, come to our location in Shelly Bay  and make the request personally.

Q. Can I hold my pager number when I go away to school or work?

A. It is possible to retain your pager number while you are off island. The monthly charge for this service can be found on the pager page. A request for this service must be made in writing, and sent either by fax or e-mail.


Q. Is it cheaper than using cellular?

A. Absolutely. For only $24 you can talk all you want, whenever you need.

Q. Is it secure?

A. Telecom utilises Hytera DMR & Hytera PD782G Motorola's Smartnet Trunking technology, which separates your group from all others. Analog encryption is also available.

Q. Can I see who is calling?

A. Several of our models, including the new Hytera PD782G feature a caller ID display.

Q. Can I scan more than one channel with my radio?

A. All radios can scan multiple channels. 

GPS Tracking:

Please email us with any questions on GPS tracking or to arrange a consultation at our Shelly Bay location for a full demonstration of its capabilities.


Q. What happened to Telecom's cellular phone systems?

A. In an effort to ensure that the island received the very highest level of GSM service, Telecom sold its GSM mobile business to AT&T Wireless. AT&T Wireless was then acquired by Cingular Wireless who, in turn, sold the business to Digicel in December 2005.

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