Bermuda's Two-Way Radio Specialists

Two-way radio systems are both more reliable and significantly more affordable than using cellular phones. At only $24 per month, your employees can communicate with each other for as long as they like. Plus, you can create groups and thus get your message out to multiple employees instantly. If you're interested in seeing how a radio system would benefit your business or if you're tired of huge cellular phone bills, contact a sales representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 293-0550.

Trunked Radio System
Radio Type Price Long Term Rental Short Term Rental
(per unit)
PD702  PD702 $656 $69 N/A
PD782 PD782 $709
MD782  MD782 $893 - (Not Included: Antenna
and install @$110/hr)
X1p x1p  Call For Price
X1e  x1e $975



Intrinsically Safe
3 Month Manufacturing lead with Minimum Order required
Call for Quotes

(Base Station)


$893 (Not included – Base Box,
Desk Base Mic & Power Supply - $393.00
[Plus antenna and install @$110/hr. to be determined]

Radio Type   Price Long Term Rental Short Term Rental
(per unit)


 XTS1500 Rental only  $69    $25 / $35 / $95
ASTRO XTL1500 (Mobile) XTL1500 

Rental only

(Base Station)

Rental only




Features Price 
Programming Fee (if unit not purchased from Telecom)  $125 per unit
System Access (includes 1 x Ch) $24 per month / per unit
Additional Channels $2 per month per unit 
HYTERA – Peer to Peer & Texting $8 per month / per unit
HYTERA – Scanning $2 per month per unit
HYTERA – GPS in Radio $27.50 per month / per unit
HYTERA – Monitor GPS Feature $27.50 per month / per unit



Analog / Conventional
Radio Type Price Long Term Rental Short Term Rental
(per unit)

(Portable 16Ch/4 Watt) 

  $368 N/A      $15/$25/$70
TC-700EX Plus U7FM
  Intrinsically Safe
Call for Quote
(Portable 16Ch)
  Rental only
(Portable – 16Ch)
  Rental only
Hytera TM-600
(Mobile – Taxi 4Ch)
  $525 N/A



  1. Warranty: Radio units carry a three (3) year warranty. Batteries, antenna and chargers carry a ninety (90) day warranty.
  2. Government License Fee: All radios purchased require a Government License, via the Regulatory Authority (RA). This charge is renewable through the RA every three (3) years. This fee is included when purchasing all radios however renewals are the responsibility of the client. As of April 2016 the rate is $90 per radio.
  3. Credit Applications: required for both Trunked Radio sales and Long Term Rentals
  4. Rental Models: may differ from those mentioned here and are based on availability.
  5. Conventional Radios: give proper coverage over short distances of approximately a half-mile radius. Example; a football field or a hotel.
  6. Trunked Radios: give good coverage at greater distances from each other [95% of the island and a few miles offshore].
  7. Required CASH Transactions: Security Deposits and short-term rental fees MUST be paid in CASH at collection of the units.
  8. Ear Buds Rentals: These Air Bud Microphones are available for rent with our Short Term Rental Radio fleet. These rent for $20 each. (Ear Bud Mics must be returned in the same working condition as they were provided otherwise customer will be charged the replacement cost of $30 per unit).
  9. Short Term Rental: Maximum three (3) weeks, anytime over will be at Monthly Rate.
  10. Delivery & Collection Fee (One Way): $60 each
  11. Rush Delivery (One Way): $50 - on top of delivery or collection fee
  12. Technician Labor: $110 per hour (minimum charge ½ hour)


Vehicle Mounted Radio
Logic In-Vehicle Charger - 
Avaliable for both Motorola &
Hytera handheld radios
$395 (Installation not